Visiting a Chiropractor? Here’s What to Expect

When you have finally decided to visit a chiropractor, it helps to know what to expect. Knowing what to expect from your visit increases the chances of enjoying your experience at the chiropractor’s clinic.

These professionals adjust your joints and spine for a better position. This is called adjustment or manipulation. However, a chiropractic care is more than just adjusting the spine or joints. Just like general physicians, chiropractors also go to school to gain knowledge and experience. They undergo a training in joint, bone, nervous system disorders, nutrition, and exercise therapy. They can even perform evaluation of nerve function and the movement of your spine and large joints.

1. Just like when visiting your family doctor, the chiropractor asks about your medical history and perform a physical exam. Usually, your first visit will last for an hour. During that time, the chiropractor asks about your symptoms and medical history. You have to be open to your chiropractor. Of course, you need to give important details in order for them to find out the right help for you. For instance, tell them about your reason why you visit them, your past injuries, your medical conditions, medications (if there is any), and lifestyle habits. All of these information can help them come up with the best treatment for your specific condition.

Since technology is widely used, chiropractors take advantage of this by making their ‘new patient’ forms downloadable online. Answering medical questions online or at home make it less stressful and time-efficient. So when you meet the chiropractor in person, you will be more focused.

2. After the chiropractor have gathered essential information about your history and other details, he will be conduct a physical examination. He may ask you to move your joints, watch how you walk, and feel your spine. He will even test your reflexes, muscle strength, and motion range. There are even cases where blood pressure check and X-rays are required.

3. Treatment can start even during your first visit. If this is the case, expect to lie on a table (a special treatment table) for an adjustment. The chiropractor will usually move your back or neck to its maximum range. He may even provide an extra thrust for the adjustment. This time, you may hear a sound like cracking of your knuckles. Pain may or may not be felt during the treatment session. Your chiropractor may even give you a muscle massage along with the adjustment.

4. Before leaving the chiropractor’s clinic, he may give you exercises you need to perform at home. They also have training for your nutrition diet. Take note that they don’t prescribe drugs. But since they can give you diet advices, they can also recommend you supplements and vitamins.

5. Lastly, expect to have another schedule for follow-up visit. Usually, the treatment lasts for a couple of weeks. It is recommended to visit twice or thrice a week. However, your follow up visits are shorter compared to your first visit. You may ask your chiropractor how long your treatment will last.

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